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A Message from the Chairman:

Welcome to The Tebu World Congress!

Great history and traditions bind the Tebu people anywhere they are in the world. They are coming together under the umbrella of the World Tebu Congress with strength and dignity in the face of great challenges and opportunities.
The World Tebu Congress has the mission to promote the common good and general welfare of the Tebu people around the world by developing and implementing solutions to the current security, political, humanitarian and social issues facing the Tebu people.
The lands of the Tebu in Libya, Chad, Sudan and Niger carry important resources and have been for thousands of years the home to our proud people.
With great sadness we learn every day of the suffering of the Tebu people in Murzuk Libya and Tibesti Chad.
We have made it a priority to reduce their suffering and to support national reconciliation, peace, prosperity and the rule of law in their lands.

Thank you for your interest and support!

Essa Abdul Majid

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